PDD-Product Development

Product Development

Product Selection and Development

A proven methodology for meeting specialized needs

To ensure our custom solutions meet your specific requirements, Grignard chemists follow a proven methodology. Throughout the process, we keep you involved and informed at every step. 
Step 1. Identify the problem
We consult with you to clearly identify the need, including visiting the site, when required.
Step 2. Create product “wish list”
We work with you to identify and prioritize desired product attributes, including:
Target Price
Performance specs
Environmental requirements
Application requirements
Packaging needs
Distribution needs
For private label products, we also define volume, label, packaging, and distribution needs.
Step 3. Product search
We conduct a thorough search of existing Grignard products across all of our diverse product lines, as well as those from other vendors, to see if a product exists that meets all of your needs and priorities. If so, we will recommend the ideal existing product.
Step 4. Product Development
If no suitable product exists to meet your needs, Grignard chemists will develop a custom product that does. We explore a range of formulas to find the ideal solution for your application.
Step 5. Product Testing
We conduct both in-house testing and independent, third-party testing to ensure all custom products meet your specifications and industry standards for quality and performance.
Step 6. Refinement and finalization
If needed, we further refine the product to ensure it matches your attribute “wish list.” When changes are made, we re-test to ensure quality and performance.
Step 7Production and delivery
Once your custom formulation is finalized and approved, Grignard can provide a complete, single-source solution for manufacturing, packaging and distribution.