Process Technology - Lube Oils

Catalyst performance is paramount in producing high value lubricants. Refiners trust our catalysts to deliver high yields of top-quality base oils. Consequently, our products are to be found in lubricant plants across the world, including the world’s largest GTL plant – Shell Pearl in Qatar.

Lubricant base oils are manufactured from vacuum gas oils and high-quality deasphalted oils. These feedstocks are improved through several processing steps, including “lube hydrocracking” dewaxing/isomerisation, hydrofinishing and hydrotreating.

Criterion has a proven record of delivering high yields and enhanced quality lubricant base oils through its range of high‑performance catalysts for use in these key processes.

Product Information - Lube Oils

Catalyst Applications Description
SENTRY MaxTrap[As] Hydrotreating - Arsenic trap A trilobe nickle molybdenum promoted catalyst on a high surface area alumina extrudate specially formulated to trap Arsenic (As) present in a wide range of petroleum feedstocks.  Protects high activity catalysts for significantly longer periods from arsenic poisoning. Demonstrates exceptional stability in this severe environment.
DN-3551 Lube hydrotreating This widely used NiMo catalyst utilizes Criterion’s Ascent technology and is used  for mild hydrofinishing and was hydrotreating, including the manufacture of food grade waxes.
LH-21 Ni/W on ASA - Lube Hydrocracking Criterion LH-21 is specifically intended to be used in lube oil processing units, both for the purpose of increasing VI through hydrocracking of deasphated oils and vacuum gas oils and for the purpose of producing highly saturated products with a minimum of conversion.
LH-22   Criterion LH-22 is a higher activity conversion catalyst designed for use in Lube oil processing units.  Intended feedstocks include vacuum gas oils and deasphalted oils.
Lh-23   A high activity pretreat catalyst based on Criterion’s CENTINEL GOLD technology.  Used by itself for maximum saturation of lube oil streams or combined with LH-21 or LH-22 for the production of high VI base oils.
LH-24   A high activity pretreat catalyst based on Criterion’s CENTINEL GOLD technology.  Applied alone for base oil hydrotreating or combined with LH-21 or LH-22 for the production of high VI base oils, specifically in applications requiring increased desulfurization. 
654 Lube oil finishing Designed for essentially complete saturation of aromatic compounds, and is intended for the production of food grade and technical grade white oils.
684   Criterion 684 is the newest noble metal saturation catalyst, offering all the advantages of the long-proven and successful 654 and with improved activity and stability in the presence of increased levels of sulfur and H2S.

Specialised catalysts for lube oil manufacture

Criterion has a number of catalysts dedicated to lube manufacture. Due to the uniqueness of lube processing operations, we encourage you to contact your nearest Criterion sales office for assistance in the selection and application of the proper catalyst for your process application.